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As an artist and filmmaker, Juliana Mundim delves into the complexity of identity, memory, and the relationship between the individual and the collective through her diverse body of work.


Her background in filmmaking informs her practice, giving her a unique perspective on the ways in which different mediums can be used to convey ideas and messages. Her use of footage and images collected during her travels around the world, and the subsequent editing and manipulation of this material, allows her to create new narratives and meanings that explore the relationship between the individual and the collective.

Mundim's work is marked by a consistent exploration of themes such as memory, affection, displacement, and borders, which are recurring elements in her work. Her ability to transform these elements into images and sounds, elements for the senses, creates an impalpable feeling of loss and not belonging to any possible place. This evocation of the impossibility of satisfaction or perfection and the presence of a fugitive element, like the word that is not said or found, adds to the complexity of her work.

One example of this is her "Pocket Films for Travelers" which anticipates in almost 20 years Instagram Stories. They are snapshots of everyday scenes on the planet, and at the same time they are destined to be consumed as pills by travelers, they have perennially, a recurring value. Her work is not just a personal diary, but it evokes universal feelings quite relatable to the viewer.

Kristin Möller

Communication Scientist and Sociologist 


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